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About us

Bright Opto-Electronic (H.K.) Co., Limited is a joint venture enterprise. We set the development, production, sales as a whole, and pass the National Industrial Products and ISO9001, ...

Home lighting

Flexible and convenient installation, suitable for all kinds of home lighting, indoor ceiling lighting corridor, corridor, basement, warehouse, garage, shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, bars, hotels, OK, restaurant, coffee shop, ...

Light-emitting diodes

The light emitting diode referred to as LED.By gallium (Ga) and arsenic (AS), a diode made ​​of a compound of phosphorus (P), when the electron and hole recombination can radiate visible light, and thus can be used to ...

Landscape Lighting

The landscape lighting refers to the existing lighting functions, and both Art Deco and beautify the environment features outdoor lighting work. Landscape lighting is usually a wide scope of categories, requires comprehensive planning, thinking, ...

led plant grow light
50W LED Down Light
dimmer remote control LED lights
40W led panel light
7W LED downlight
120W LED Highbay Light
Infrared remote control LED ligh
80W led street light